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I went to my unit in September 2018 only to find their sliding latch on the unit had a slit sawed into it. I also noticed the same cut marks on another unit near mine.

I was told it's not their job to protect our belongings that's why we have insurance and locks, the manager said this to me. My thought process is why do you have cameras up then. The first offer was to wait for them to fix it by the next week. I asked for a unit with a key tumbler like a ignition switch on a car, a lot of the units had them and older ones had the sliding latches.

One was not available, the camera was not pointing at my unit, it was pointed at the driveway in front of it, I was offered a unit in a outdoor hallway with the same sliding latch and no cameras, and was told I need to buy another lock for that unit if I was not able to move everything right then. I work 7 days a week, I did not have help at last minute notice to move. The manager and I had a loud angry conversation from my first complaint she seemed madder than I did, but seemed mad at me because I was unhappy. I won't recommend this place, I felt like I was paying for someone to take my stuff at $100 a month.

I gave up my hands were tied, she gave me the other unit but I had 3 days to move, had no help. I was then told I had to pay for the new unit even though I still had like a week left before the first from paying on the original unit.

I got called and yelled at about owing money, by the manager. I figured I should not owe anything until my next payment was due.

Product or Service Mentioned: Life Storage Storage Unit.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Cameras only record the crime unless someone is being paid to watch them in real time. There is a certain amount of responsibility on the part of the provider when they provide a bailment ; in this case for money. However, they are not responsible for the alleged value or state of contents ; thus locks on the doors and property insurance for your part.